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Marius Leitdorf - Court Portrait by ColonelLiamRoss
Marius Leitdorf - Court Portrait
Elector Count Marius Leitdorf Warhammer Fantasy

Also known as the Mad Lord of Averland, Marius features rather prominently in the Warhammer Empire fluff. He is best known for being a lethal swordsman and thoroughly insane. For further information, here's what Games Workshop has to say about him:…

I love Marius because he gives me an excuse to make traditional early 16th century German garb with ridiculous embellishments. This costume has seen at least three different versions now. It's been a gradual state of development since March 2011 and there are still a couple things left to do (proper gauntlets, cloak).

This version debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2012 and came together in about a month of very intensive work. The armour is made entirely of molded leather and was based heavily on early 16th century German styles, particularly in the pauldrons, gorget, and flat top of the breastplate. It has been dyed black and all of the lettering was hand-painted. You can only see a fraction of it here. For the full story, check out the construction notes on my Facebook page:…

The sword deserves special mention. In the Warhammer verse, the elector counts carry 'runefangs.' These were holy swords made by the dwarves in the early days of the Empire. Because I have zero knowledge of woodworking, I commissioned the amazing InKibus to make this, along with a long-bladed dagger. She was even awesome enough to carve a motto in Gothic script in German into the flat of the blade - "For Averland and Honour - Sigmar grant me victory." Runefangs typically have runes on them (orly) but this was my one guilty pleasure.

Makeup and Prosthetics: ColonelLiamRoss
Costume and Model: :ColonelLiamRoss


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I work in a museum about the military and spend my spare time on the back of a horse hitting people with 12' sticks or making impractical clothing no one wears anymore.
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Howdy folks! How is everyone? My last journal gave a run-down of the costumes for this year's CCEE here in Calgary but it was actually a giant pile of fib because things have changed significantly since then. There were originally four costumes in the initial plan but due to changing interests and alternative alignments of the stars, the list has been pared down to two. So some introductions are in order.

First off, there's Giovanni Auditore from Assassin's Creed II: Lineage.

I love the games to death but I think I love the Lineage movies more and there's something wonderfully awesome about Giovanni's character. He's got the same sweet outfit as Ezio but I find him infinitely more fascinating. (And the actor who plays him is Canadian.....) He definitely needs more press in the larger scheme of things. Though I know with this costume that there's going to be a lot of "Oh hai, sweet Ezio clothes!" *facepalm* But Nefthys is going as La Volpe so between the two of us, we should be able to keep the ignorant at bay!

And then there's Elector Count Marius Leitdorf from Warhammer. Obscure costumes ftw!

Marius is best known for being completely insane yet lethal on the battlefield with his giant Runefang sword and dagger. I've got a wee bit of a thing for him because I suspect the developers at Games Workshop based him somewhat on Maximilian. I also want the excuse to make some vaguely Maximilian-esque clothes but go absolutely over-the-top with silks and feathers and gross old man makeup.

Speaking of, you can see just such makeup (and the occassional stupid cat photo) here Sweet Threads, Dude! is a proper blog to record the costuming progress in the hopes that it will help (or caution) others with their own projects. Composite tutorials will be made of these two costumes once they're complete and posted here along with makeup instructions for looking hella-ass fugly (if required). So if you've been wondering where I've been artistically, it's all recorded here.

I do realize my poll from a few months ago was a bit redundant, then, but your voices were still heard! I absolutely, utterly promise you the Doctor from ACII: Brotherhood if Marius and Giovanni are done in a timely fashion. Because seriously? SO FREAKING COOL.

Right, time to go SEW SUM MOAR. Giovanni's doublet needs its red stripes in a very bad way.

Later, dudes.

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